Air Supported Structures
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arizon building systems designs, sells, manufactures and installs air-supported buildings sometimes referred as domes, air bubbles or inflatable structures.

An air-supported (or air-inflated) structure is any building that derives its structural integrity from the use of internal pressurized air to inflate a pliable material (i.e. structural fabric) envelope, so that air is the main support of the structure, and where access is via airlocks.

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Arizon’s Air-Supported structures are the most cost effective way to build an open-span, column free buildings. Our domes are energy efficient. arizon’s Air-Supported structures are the most cost effective way to build an open-span, column free buildings. Our domes are energy efficient. Arizon Building Systems. Menu. ABOUT. Media.

Air Domes | Air Supported Soft Domes | Sports Domes An inflatable building is a fraction the cost of traditional brick-and-mortar facilities. And it can be up much sooner. Plan well, and you can support all kinds of activities under one dome, turning your turf into a source of revenue. See why an air dome makes sense

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The concept of an air supported structure is based on maintaining air pressure within the fabric envelope slightly higher than exterior air pressure. This keeps the fabric upright and stable. larger “dome” structures, used for sports stadiums, have a fabric roof anchored to exterior walls.

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